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What Lola Likes – Page 4

Hey Guys: Podcast Recommendations

Hey guys! Today, I am introducing something new to the blog. Something that will co-exist with my Instagram story chats or follower recommendations so you can refer back to a specific topic anytime (and not just live on IG story for 24 hours). These are quick thoughts, discussions…

Real Talk

Toddlers and Discipline: YouTube

Chelsea Kunde of Building Blocks AZ and I sat down to discuss a very important topic: Toddlers and Discipline. We wanted to have an open conversation and share our point of view (expert to non expert) with hopes to shed some light and educate you on how to handle toddler…

Real Talk

How to help your Toddler with Communication Skills

I put up an Instagram post last night as Vivienne brushed my hair and we chatted about the evening. She spoke so well, full sentences even … and honestly blew me away. I still get so surprised with the things she says on a day to day basis. I am so…

Real Talk

Advice to the First-Time Parents

I started writing this blog post when I was a few short weeks away from having Alice. I’ve actually been wanting to write this post for a while now but for whatever reason it kept getting pushed to the side. Now, as a mom of two, I’m ready…


Morning Omelette with JJ

I’m a morning person who loves her breakfast. Even if the first time I eat is closer to lunch, you better believe I’m ordering the pancakes. To me, its the best meal of the day. I typically go for over easy eggs, pancakes, or avocado toast. Recently, I…


Lash Extensions with Melt by Melissa

I’ve known Melissa Pruett for about 3 years now, and I can truly say she is the best of the best when it comes to brows, running a business, and an over all amazing human/friend. She has some of the sweetest women working with her at Melt, including…