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What Lola Likes – Page 2
Real Talk

Hey Guys: “What’s your tattoo say?”

Lately, I’ve been receiving so many messages about what my tattoos are, how many do I have, and the meaning behind them. So, I figure I’d write a short post to answer these questions. First, I have two tattoos. Top of shoulder tattoo:  I have the word…


Hey Guys: Breakfast Options for Kids

Some mornings, I get really creative on breakfast. It’s my favorite time (and meal) of the day and I won’t lie… my energy is usually pretty high in the morning. On the other hand, if I’m running out of time or not feeling the creative juices… I…

Real Talk, Real Talk

Hey Guys: It’s Going Fast

When we first had Vivienne, it felt like an eternity getting through the first six months. Maybe it was the fact that I was also working a full-time job at the office, which meant full-time pumping, and her milestone growth felt slow and steady. Now, after having Alice…

Real Talk

A Recap of the Discipline YouTube video

Below is a recap of the recent video I did with Chelsea Kunde of Building Blocks AZ about Discipline. Feel free to check out below, but you’ll find the most informaion in the video we posted here.Developmentally appropriate You more than likely have started it already, by…