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What Lola Likes – Page 141

That’s Amore

As a new wife, I have been cooking new recipes on a daily/weekly basis. My husband and I would often cook typical meals… pasta, chicken, brauts, steak, etc. but we were getting tired of the same ol’ recipes. My new favorite thing to do is go to the gym…


Guilty Pleasure: New York City

Ah, New York City. The best city in the world. I know I’ve only been to Italy outside of the United States and I am sure there are many cities I will love in my life but at this point, New York City has my heart. My husband and…


Only The Beginning

Hello potential blog readers,Last year I started a blog to discuss my wedding plans and the process of giving up bad habits. Well, the wedding is over (finally happily married!) and frankly I grew tired of giving up the things that made me happy on a daily/monthly basis…