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What Lola Likes – Page 138

You make me Smile.

Every once in a while I am going to do a shout out post to people/things that have made my week.1.  Receiving a response from person on Etsy who we are buying record player from this weekend.2. @BoDavis305, made the Shrimp penne pasta with herb cream…


A visit to southern california

JJ and I spent labor day weekend visiting family and friends in San Diego! For some of you who may not know… JJ and I met when I first moved to San Diego after graduating college in 2008. We lived in his family’s condo there and had a great…


Pizza Date Night!

I was Face-timing my best friend Katie on Sunday morning and flipping through my cook books to find a recipe for Sunday night dinner. JJ was coming home from Arizona so I wanted to have the meal complete right before he arrived home. Little did I forget to read…


Another Night Out, Another Dance Floor

JJ went to Arizona this weekend… so I spent my weekend going out with the girls, shopping, relaxing and cooking… per usual. My friend Jess came over for some drinks before meeting everyone else out.I picked up a few items at the store for entertaining purposes to add to…


True Life: I have an Etsy Addiction

While planning my wedding I stumbled upon Etsy… a website where people sell handmade crafts, supplies, and vintage everything and anything.First of all, you had me at Vintage.Second, you made my life A LOT easier planning this wedding! I had a hanger for my dress personally made, my…


I’m gonna make you a hump day treat!

Happy Thursday everyone!!I have been cooking nonstop Italian! … and I can not help myself, its delish! But I HAVE been substituting regular pasta with gluten free/wheat pasta so I tend to make myself feel better that way. Last night I was really in the mood for seafood and…