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What Lola Likes – Page 138


Happy Hump Day! Let the rest of the week hurry up so the weekend gets here! I am ready for some relaxation and spending sometime with good friends! As a new tradition I am making Wednesday.. Trendsday via blog. xo!Harper’s Bazaar UKModel: Suzie BirdPhotographer: Horst DiekgerdesStyled by…



JJ won the championship with his kickball league in San Francisco. This brought him to the Vegas championship where people from all over the United States come to play and compete for $10,000. Sadly, his team only got to the semi finals where they lost against a team that…


Blogger meet Lucy

This weekend one of my friends, @Nikkiradesi came to visit me in San Francisco. We went sightseeing, Umami for dinner (delish sushi), out for drinks, and shopped… (Marina and Haight St). It was a great weekend, yet far too short!JJ (@Brotherbella) and I got a new member of the…


Crispy Chicken with Rosemary- Lemon Salt

My husband loves chicken, and since I recently stopped because I feel it is hurting my stomach… I wanted to make something just for him. Alright… I ate it too. But how can you really know if something effects you in a negative way if you do not attempt to…