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What Lola Likes – Page 137

Trendsay Trend Report

Items on my “get” list:Beige trench coatRed DressLong skirt/maxis with sweaters/shirtsMore shoes…. in generalMore scarves I actually will wearMore fur, obviouslyPlaid Leather skirtmore sweaters and boots…


Love, You Make Me Smile.

Like my last “you make me smile” post, that you can find Here I wrote about the few things in life that make me happy. Enjoy!1. My Lucy. As much as a dog is a huge responsibility, it is also the best gift. I grew up with…


A Fun Twist to a Hot Dog + Roasted Potatoes with Rosemary

Thursday morning I painfully went through my refrigerator to throw away molding dairy and produce and expired groceries. I can not stand when I have to purchase a large amount of cilantro (example) for a small measurement in a recipe and how fast it goes bad… Such a waste! It…



Happy Hump Day! Let the rest of the week hurry up so the weekend gets here! I am ready for some relaxation and spending sometime with good friends! As a new tradition I am making Wednesday.. Trendsday via blog. xo!Harper’s Bazaar UKModel: Suzie BirdPhotographer: Horst DiekgerdesStyled by…



JJ won the championship with his kickball league in San Francisco. This brought him to the Vegas championship where people from all over the United States come to play and compete for $10,000. Sadly, his team only got to the semi finals where they lost against a team that…