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What Lola Likes – Page 136

Hair Envy

Happy Hump Day!One more business day until Friday….And most importantly, Happy Trendsday… to me.First, I am going to start off by saying …I have serious hair envy of those who can wear so many different hair styles. Although I have had blond, black, dirty blond, and now…


Trendsday… I am one step ahead of you, part II

As a sequel to last week’s blog post… I have added nail and style trends for Spring 2012As for style… I am using “street style” because lets face it… we see enough models who look fabulous in everything! Let’s see some real people looking fabulous!! Spring 2012NailsBazaar…


Lauren comes to San Francisco

This weekend while JJ went to San Diego, and I had a good friend come to visit me. Lauren and I have been friends since preschool. She arrived Friday evening to an annoyed Lauren (me) because I accidentally grabbed the leftover pineapple wine JJ’s boss gave us from Hawaii…


Sweet and Sticky Chicken Drumsticks

I feel I always put too much on my plate in the evenings. Last night I had planned to cook, clean and manage to get my hair done at a responsible hour.Did not get home til 8, which cut back on the motivation to clean … and cook.I…


Linguine with Avocado and Arugula Pesto

Wednesday is starting to become a day I really look forward to. Being the middle of the week and I love writing my “trendsday” posts.Last night I decided to try something new to cook, a healthy pesto pasta! I say healthy yet I indulge in bread and oil…