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What Lola Likes – Page 132

DIY Carrie Bradshaw Bun

Step 1. Need bobby pins and hair donut/sockPurchase hair donut here or at your local beauty supply storeIf you are using a sock…cut off toe and roll up to make a donut shape.Step 2. Make a ponytail as high or low as you…


DIY Naked Half Moon

Step 1. Buy Reinforcements for Hole -Punched PagesCan be found at your local staples, walgreens, etc. or online, here!Step 2. Start with a clean unpainted nail. Place the sticker on each nail where you want the half moon to end.Step 3. Paint your nails…



Yesterday, my boss surprisingly let me have today off from work. I decided I would get up early, go for a morning run and catch an early viewing of The Artist…..And that is exactly what I did. The movie is not for everyone, especially someone who expects…


You make me smile. pt 3

 1. My friend Liz sent me a picture of her hair she did from the blog I posted yesterday.   2. Friend Liza sent me a picture today as well of the sock bun! 3. My family. It was so fun visiting with them over Christmas. San…


Trendsday, Hair-styled

There is nothing more boring than the same haircut/hair-style… day after day.Men like to see change. Whether they admit it or not.I’ve had random moments of being spontaneous with my hair.. chopping it off, color changes, bangs, and etc. throughout the years…yet right now…


Traveling to beautiful places

Looking forward to our weekend getaways and trips planned for 2012!March- Phoenix, ArizonaApril- Nashville, TNMay- Carnival Cruise to MexicoSonoma Wine CountrySeptember- Catalina IslandSeptember- Florence, Italy (fingers crossed!)xo…