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Our transition to ONE nap

When we returned to Phoenix from San Diego, Vivienne finally made the transition to one nap. Before then, she was napping 10am-12pm and 3-4pm. The last nap was always up in the air, so we ended up doing 10-1pm most days. Snack before and lunch right after…

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The First Trimester: Pregnancy #2

So, you’ve read all about how we got pregnant… from the planning, timeframe we were trying, to how we personally found out about the news. It’s been an exciting yet surreal couple of months, and a lot has to do with how I’ve been feeling. If you…

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I’m PREGNANT! (Round 2)

If you didn’t see our BIG announcement on Wednesday…WE’RE PREGNANT! Thank you so much for all the well wishes, kind words, and of course… following along with us on on this amazing journey to baby #2! The love we’ve received from this post was more than…

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Traveling with Toddler

Traveling with a baby can be one of the most stressful experiences in a parents life. So stressful, that some choose to not even go through with it. From knowing what and how much to pack to dealing with public meltdowns… its overwhelming to say the least. We aren’t…

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Keeping up with Breastfeeding

This year has been so many things… rewarding, challenging, exhausting, but more than anything… the greatest gift I have ever received. Vivienne turned one this weekend, and although it came far too fast, I am so excited for this next stage in our lives. More importantly, I am finally feeling…

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Moms comparing Milestones

Comparing. It’s what we do. From pregnancy to milestones, I don’t know anyone who hasn’t compared themselves to the next person. Even if you say you don’t. . . you do. It’s natural. Especially as someone who is so public and often looks at social media, I…