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What Baby Likes

What Baby Likes

Introducing the new Pampers Pure Diapers and Wipes Collection

Excited to partner with Pampers to launch the new Pampers Pure Collection of diapers and wipes. Thank you to Pampers for supporting this post.As you know from my Instagram post earlier this month, I have recently partnered with Pampers Pure, a new diaper and wipes collection. The partnership was…

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Due Date: September 5thHow far along: 17 weeksSize of baby: 5.1in & 5oz, baby is the size of a white onionHow many days to go: 160Best moment of this week: HawaiiMiss anything: Nope Movement: None Food cravings: CarbsAnything making you queasy or sick…

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Our transition to ONE nap

When we returned to Phoenix from San Diego, Vivienne finally made the transition to one nap. Before then, she was napping 10am-12pm and 3-4pm. The last nap was always up in the air, so we ended up doing 10-1pm most days. Snack before and lunch right after…

Meals, What Baby Likes

BLW | Overnight Oats

Ingredients:Oats, half cupAlmond Milk, half cup/a little moreBanana, smashedPeanut Butter, tablespoon approx.Cinnamon, teaspoonWhat you can include:Chia SeedsPeanut ButterRaisinsBerries/FruitFlax SeedCrushed nutsCoconut FlakesCinnamonDirections:Add a cup of oats (estimate), almond milk, and smashed banana in…

Pregnancies, What Baby Likes


Due Date: September 5thHow far along: 16 weeksSize of baby: 4.6in. & 3.5oz; size of an AvocadoHow many days to go: 168Best moment of this week: Going to the zoo with JJ and V and watching Vivienne play in the petting zoo.Miss anything…

Meals, What Baby Likes

BLW | French Toast

I’ve probably made this breakfast a million times since starting to feed Vivienne at 6 months. There are so many ways to play with the recipe or make it even better based off Vivienne’s liking. Not sure if you know this or not but about 5 years ago…