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35 WEEKS PREGNANT (2nd Round)

Due Date: September 5thHow far along: 35 weeks!  Size of baby:18.2in & 5.3 lb, size of a small spaghetti squashHow many days to go: 35Best moment of this week: Watching V at the Tampa Zoo and Disney for the first time. Miss anything: The ability to eat…

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Maternity Swing Dress

Wearing Isabella Oliver Carey Dress, Lewit Heels, Oliveve PurseSharing this simple yet stunning black maternity dress today. My theory is there are never enough black dresses hanging in your closet. I think if you are looking for a good maternity dress, this is a perfect option. You can wear…

Pregnancies, What Baby Likes


Due Date: September 5thHow far along: 34 weeks!  Size of baby:17.7in & 4.7 lb, size of a muskmelonHow many days to go: 42Best moment of this week: Currently on our last trip to Tampa before baby arrives. Soaking it up as a family of 3 ad can…

Pregnancies, What Baby Likes


Due Date: September 5thHow far along: 33 weeks!  Size of baby:17.2 in & 4.2 lb, size of a pineappleHow many days to go: 49Best moment of this week: We had a busy week last week! Tahoe, Lifestyled Co. installs… truly enjoying the rooms that they created for…

Pregnancies, What Baby Likes

32 WEEKS PREGNANT (2nd Round)

Due Date: September 5thHow far along: 32 weeks!  Size of baby: 16.7 in & 3.8 lb, size of a bok choyHow many days to go: 56Best moment of this week: Going to our last ultrasound and seeing baby girl. Unfortunately, she didn’t want to show her face…