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Real Talk: Delivery

Being almost 2 weeks out until our official due date, I can’t help but think about the fear I once had about delivery. I always knew I wanted children, and to experience pregnancy;  but I never wanted to talk about the fact that one day I would have to…

What Baby Likes


This week, we are officially FULL TERM! I couldn’t be more excited and grateful for this stage of pregnancy. I am starting to feel more and more ready for the day to get here, as I’ve been having some burning and pressure pains down below, peeing way too…

What Baby Likes


Today, we are 36 week pregnant! If she happens to come early, I am only praying that she keeps cooking for another week so that we make it to full-term. I also am not quite ready for her arrival. Tonight, we have our second birthing class, the last one…

Lola, What Baby Likes

My Baby Shower

Two weeks ago, I had the most beautiful baby shower a girl could hope for; surrounded by my close family and friends, and exactly as I’d picture it to be. All with the help of so many amazing local vendors and artists. The day couldn’t have been more…

What Baby Likes


35 weeks pregnant with 35 days to go until our due date. The countdown is surreal but we are feeling more and more ready by the day. I’ve been taking the last couple of weekends to organize, re-organize, and I feel like I am constantly going to be…

What Baby Likes

Baby Name Reveal

I am so excited to finally share the name of our little lady to you all! Don’t mind us… we just woke up (literally). Some facts before the reveal: Her name has no meaning behind it. I just really loved it and JJ agreed. My classic meets tomboy hint…