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What Baby Likes

What Baby Likes


I’ve popped! Although I’ve had a visible bump for a couple of weeks now, I am growing more by the day and feel this week has been her biggest growth spurt yet. Yesterday, I was laying down at an appointment having my eyelashes done, and I felt a…

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Gender Reveal Party

For a person with OCD when it comes to making lists and premature planning, how we would reveal our pregnancy was always on the back of my mind (pregnant or not). When I was bored I would browse Pinterest or watch YouTube videos of how others announced the big news…

What Baby Likes


I don’t know about you, but the weeks have been flying by! I can’t believe I am 3 weeks away from being half way through this pregnancy. Although I am so excited to meet her, I don’t mind these next couple of months slowing down a bit…

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No excuses

Wearing Kira Grace Warrior T-Back Yoga Tank, lululemon leggings (old), Woodzee sunglasses, Skechers sneakersWearing Kira Grace Warrior T-Back Yoga Bra (Red), lululemon shorts (old), Woodzee sunglasses, Skechers sneakersDuring pregnancy (and life), I have found I am a much happier person when I am eating healthy and…

What Baby Likes

It’s a…

The gender is out and we couldn’t be more excited to announce once again that we are having a baby GIRL due the end of October.So, what do I think about having a girl?I had a borderline meltdown in public.Let’s back it up a bit…

What Baby Likes


This little girl has made a huge improvement in growth this week. It feels like I got bigger overnight and am clearly starting to show in tight clothing. Although I am still in that awkward stage of do people think its fat vs. is she pregnant, I’m owning the…