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What Baby Likes

What Baby Likes

My #PureGoals Story

As moms, we want nothing but the best for our babies. The “best” may mean different things for different babies, but every mom will go through great lengths to get whatever that may be. Whether it’s trying every kind of diaper on the market (I did the same and…

What Baby Likes


Due Date: September 5thHow far along: 38 weeks!Size of baby: 19.6 in. & 6.8lb and is the size of a leekHow many days to go: 14Best moment of this week: This is my first week home not working at the office, and its been…

What Baby Likes

What Baby Likes Charity Event

“Since becoming a mom almost two years ago, my world has completely changed. Not only am I consumed with all things Frozen right now, but there’s a sense of connection to so many more women than ever before.Motherhood. It is the strongest TRIBE I’ve ever been a…

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37 WEEK UPDATE (Round 2)

Due Date: September 5thHow far along: 37 weeks!Size of baby:19.1 in. & 6.3lb and is the size of a romaine heartHow many days to go: 28Best moment of this week: My baby shower event this past Saturday. So excited to share all the…

Pregnancies, What Baby Likes


Due Date: September 5thHow far along: 36 weeks!  Size of baby:18.6 in & 5.8 lb, size of a honeydew melon How many days to go: 28Best moment of this week: Getting some organization done in babys room. Miss anything: The ability to eat and drink whatever I…

Pregnancies, What Baby Likes

35 WEEKS PREGNANT (2nd Round)

Due Date: September 5thHow far along: 35 weeks!  Size of baby:18.2in & 5.3 lb, size of a small spaghetti squashHow many days to go: 35Best moment of this week: Watching V at the Tampa Zoo and Disney for the first time. Miss anything: The ability to eat…