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What Baby Likes

What Baby Likes

Vivienne’s 1st Birthday

On October 21, 2017 we celebrated our Vivienne’s first birthday. It was such a fun yet bittersweet moment for us. We love the current stage she is in, watching her grow more and more every day… yet, wouldn’t mind if the time slowed down a bit. Again, bittersweet…

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Keeping up with Breastfeeding

This year has been so many things… rewarding, challenging, exhausting, but more than anything… the greatest gift I have ever received. Vivienne turned one this weekend, and although it came far too fast, I am so excited for this next stage in our lives. More importantly, I am finally feeling…

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Vivienne turns ONE

During this time last year, our bags were packed and we had plans to strip my membranes for the second time (TMI). We went to see Dr. Deka that morning with high hopes that I was going into labor. She sent me to the hospital to have my fluids checked…

What Baby Likes

Vivienne’s Playroom Reveal with THE LifeStyled COMPANY

YOU GUYS!! The day is finally here! Vivienne’s Playroom is officially installed and styled by the talented Kristen (and team) of THE LifeStyled COMPANY; and I’ve been freaking out in love ever since! I can’t get enough of this room and I am so excited to share…

What Baby Likes

Morning stroll with MiaMily HIPSTER PLUS

As of last week, the morning weather in Arizona has finally dropped to 70 degrees. To us living in the desert, this is a BIG deal. During the summer months (May through September), you can’t escape the hot weather no matter when the time of day. So you can…

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Moms comparing Milestones

Comparing. It’s what we do. From pregnancy to milestones, I don’t know anyone who hasn’t compared themselves to the next person. Even if you say you don’t. . . you do. It’s natural. Especially as someone who is so public and often looks at social media, I…