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What Baby Likes

What Baby Likes


I don’t know about you, but the weeks have been flying by! I can’t believe I am 3 weeks away from being half way through this pregnancy. Although I am so excited to meet her, I don’t mind these next couple of months slowing down a bit…

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No excuses

Wearing Kira Grace Warrior T-Back Yoga Tank, lululemon leggings (old), Woodzee sunglasses, Skechers sneakersWearing Kira Grace Warrior T-Back Yoga Bra (Red), lululemon shorts (old), Woodzee sunglasses, Skechers sneakersDuring pregnancy (and life), I have found I am a much happier person when I am eating healthy and…

What Baby Likes

It’s a…

The gender is out and we couldn’t be more excited to announce once again that we are having a baby GIRL due the end of October.So, what do I think about having a girl?I had a borderline meltdown in public.Let’s back it up a bit…

What Baby Likes


This little girl has made a huge improvement in growth this week. It feels like I got bigger overnight and am clearly starting to show in tight clothing. Although I am still in that awkward stage of do people think its fat vs. is she pregnant, I’m owning the…

What Baby Likes


Hey! Today, I am 15 weeks pregnant. I thought I’d begin to post weekly updates about how I’m feeling physically and mentally as well as my physical progression each week. Below are some beginning stages, starting with week 11. I could have easily Face tuned those acne scars…

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The true meaning of “trying”

Before I go into detail about the gender reveal and the day JJ and I found out about the amazing news, I wanted to discuss our journey before pregnancy.I think it should be your top priority to be on the same page as your partner, and make the decision…