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Vow Renewal | Total Bellas

Today, I am sharing some behind the scenes moments from our vow renewal ceremony from this weeks episode of Total Bellas. It was such a special evening and we couldn’t have felt more blessed to be able to share it with our nearby family -and of course the rest…

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EVEREVE comes to Phoenix

Hey, mamas! This ones for you.I’ve been recently introduced to EVEREVE, a store that was curated by a fellow mama who believed in a better way for moms to shop. All it took was one bad shopping experience with her children to inspire CEO, Megan Tamte, to make…

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Introducing BLW + 7 month update

Although I absolutely LOVE social media and the community feel it brings, it can also be a very overwhelming place when you start to compare yourself to others. This is especially true in the mommy world. Whether that be how quick another woman loses her pregnancy weight, your baby’s…


Resort loungin’

Wearing SWF Jumpsuit, Asos heels, Oliveve Handbags, Lucky Star Jessy NecklaceAs a person who is queen of relaxation and downtime, what does that actually mean? There are so many people who are constantly on the go, not giving themselves the chance to catch their breath or let alone any…


Dog of the Week: Meet Chicharito (again)

Wearing Dog Party Dog Mom tee, Dog Party Dog Dad teeMy husband, JJ joined my shoot for the blog this week; wearing two casual looks with me. Dog Mom + Dog Dad are exactly who we are! We love are in love with our two rescues, are overall animal lovers…