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Self-Care Event at Barre3

Self-care is a phrase we often say and acknowledge as important, yet most never follow through. As people, we have other things to do. As women, we often take care of others before ourselves. As moms, we feel guilty taking time away. There are a number of excuses we…


Introduction to Barre 3

After I had Alice, I found it SO difficult to make time to exercise. I thought of a million other things that I needed to do and not to mention, wanted to spend the extra time I had either with my girls or working. I felt guilty when I went…


Potty Training Vivienne

“Drink wine? I am kidding! (sort of).  I am a firm believer that frustration is a motivating tactic for all of us. We have to learn to deal with our frustrations and remember that this is a very new and different skill. We have to give it time…

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Alice’s 8 month update

Yesterday, Alice turned 8 months old. I won’t be cliché and write about how I can’t believe the time is flying by but honestly… WTF. I remember feeling the opposite when Vivienne was born. It felt like forever getting to the next stage, but Alice is just cruising…

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Our intro to Potty Training

Happy Monday, friends! I thought I’d take the opportunity to write a post about our beginning stages of potty training. I say beginning stages because I’ve quickly learned that this is a process and NOT necessarily a 3-day and your done sort of thing; regardless of how…

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Hey Guys: Exercise Funk

I won’t lie, exercise had been more challenging for me this time around. There are some days that came easier than others, but the motivation to walk out the door and replace time spent working or being away from my kids had been my biggest struggle. So, I didn…