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Happy 8 Years!

Today, JJ and I celebrate our 8 year wedding anniversary. I am feeling so grateful that after all these years, I am with someone who wants to work on US and understands that relationships are not perfect. We’ve been through many stages over the years… living paycheck to paycheck…


Hey Guys: Exercise Funk

I won’t lie, exercise had been more challenging for me this time around. There are some days that came easier than others, but the motivation to walk out the door and replace time spent working or being away from my kids had been my biggest struggle. So, I didn…


Hey Guys: Lets Make a List for Monday Organization

There are some days that I feel overwhelmed with my to-do list and what I have to get done. This could be anywhere from laundry to a blog post; yet regardless, the list sometimes feels never-ending. Even when I am working on accomplishing one thing, 10 more pop…