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Last week, I flew to Reno/Lake Tahoe for our family trip with Vivienne and Alice. JJ drove a few days prior with our car and belongings and I took a one-way flight with my in-laws. I wish I could say flying with the help was a breeze…


Staycation at Hermosa Inn

JJ, Vivienne and I had the pleasure of staying a night at The Hermosa Inn this past weekend and I NEED to tell you how stunning this place is. Not only is it full of history and original charm, but the landscape and greenery surrounding this beautiful retreat will make…


Weekend Trip to Vancouver

“Every parent needs a little break from the chaos and a chance to refuel, see something new, or just enjoy time alone. That could mean a weekend trip away or even a few hours to do something you truly enjoy. We are parents now and our lives have definitely changed…


Family Travel Guide: Kauai, Hawaii

 Incase you were wondering where Paradise is, we’ve found it… it’s in Kaua’i, Hawaii. What we now refer to as our “happy place.”JJ and I love to travel, and we find it important (although chaotic at times) to bring Vivienne along for the ride. We…


Girls Night at The Royal Palms Resort | Scottsdale, AZ

A few weeks ago, I stayed at the Royal Palms Resort for a little staycation in Scottsdale, AZ. This time, inside of having JJ and Vivienne join me, I made it a girls night away with friend and photographer, Jennica of Amaes Photography. If that name doesn’t ring a…

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Staycation at The Scott Resort | Scottsdale, AZ

“Is that Vivienne in there?” The guy at valet asked as I was taking luggage out of the car. It took me by surprise as I immediately thought… how does he know her name? Then it clicked… genius PR! Moments like this were demonstrated throughout our entire stay; from customized…