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Berry + Blush Desert Wedding with Calligraphy Details

A couple months ago, JJ and I participated in a styled wedding shoot with Marisa Grabowy of Marisa Belle Photography and Risa Kostis of Ristyling Consulting. Today, I am proud to share that this beautiful shoot was published on Confetti Daydreams. All the women involved worked so hard to put…

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The true meaning of “trying”

Before I go into detail about the gender reveal and the day JJ and I found out about the amazing news, I wanted to discuss our journey before pregnancy.I think it should be your top priority to be on the same page as your partner, and make the decision…

Lola, What Baby Likes


Hey guys! If you haven’t already heard the big news from Saturday’s post on social media… I AM PREGNANT! I can’t even tell you how excited we are and how difficult it has been to keep this amazing news a secret. I’ve been wanting to shout…



I’ve said it before and I know one day I’ll say it again, but this had to be the best birthday ever! My excitement for the big day started a few weeks ago when JJ and I were letting the dogs out and discussing what I wanted to…


:PRINTL for Instagram

You all know I am no stranger to the Instagram world. I post often, love engaging with my followers, and truly enjoy taking photos on a daily basis. Due to my busy schedule and not always finding the time to get my top photos printed, alas PRINTL has been a…



As I was skimming through my Instagram this morning (I know, big shocker), I thought about sharing some of my favorite accounts with you. I wrote down a few bloggers, cooks, fitness enthusiasts, celebrities and photographers before realizing that the majority of people I started to select were my very…