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Post Baby Bod

Dear fellow mamas,I want to praise and applaud the women who can get themselves out of the house and make the time to exercise. I want to relate to the women who have had a more difficult time doing so. Ladies, I feel you! It’s hard. How do…


Fitness Challenge

Starting tomorrow, JJ and I are beginning a fitness challenge in preparation for July 4th and I’d love for you all to join! We are also starting up the 30 day squat challenge, stay tuned for results. ;)1. You do not need a gym membership2. A good way…


San Francisco Ultimate Towner Obstacle Course Race

Some days, I wish I was still living in San Franicsco. All cozied up in our large antique furnished  one-bedroom apartment on Polk Street. Although we were paying $2,200 a month to live there… looking back, it was well worth it…


Interview with The Bella Twins: Fitness, Health & Careers

Nicole and Brianna Garcia-Colace, aka the Bella Twins of the WWE are two of the most incredible women I know. Not only are they gorgeous on the outside but equally just as beautiful skin deep. They have been working so hard to get to where they are today and…

fitness, health

No Sugar Added Granola

I apologize for being so MIA lately. I have been preparing for our upcoming move to Arizona as well as still recovering from our trip to St. Bonaventure that was almost 2 weeks ago. This girl can not party or stay up late like she used to. It’s been…


June 30-day plank challenge

Benefits of planks:1. Doing both regular plank and side planks tone all your abs including obliques, your arm muscles, your quads and your back.2. They can be done anywhere! And, no equipment is needed. A yoga mat is nice, but not completely necessary.3. Helps with balance and…