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40 WEEKS PREGNANT (Round 2) – What Lola Likes
What Baby Likes



Due Date: September 5th
Born: August 30, 2018
Baby name: Alice Jude Garcia
Size of baby: 7 lbs, 4 oz and 20.5 inches long
How many days to go: 0
Best moment of this week: Spending the first week with my girls and recovering. JJ took Vivienne on a two day trip to California, so I enjoyed some alone time with Alice. It is beyond sweet and much needed for her and I. I loved every minute.

Symptoms: I will be doing a birth story blog post to go into a little more detail on the day, but my recovery was a lot quicker this time around than with Vivienne. Of course, I’ve done it before so my body has been able to snap back a little faster. The symptoms that were different this time around was the uterus cramping and the sore nipples/boobs. Unfortunately, I got a cold the day I got out of the hospital, so my first couple of days of recovery was pure HELL to say the least. Feeling great now, just over the bleeding and pads. Stay tuned for the full birth story post!