Minted X Whatlolalikes


Ever since wedding season ended in September, we have finally been able to put effort toward furnishing our home. Take a look back at some of our home projects accomplished so far here and here. So grateful to have done what we already have but it has become a little overwhelming to think about all the work still needed. I have to keep telling myself… small steps forward.

Empty rooms are starting to fill but the walls remain blank canvases. I can’t quite commit to specifics until more furniture is in; yet I’m constantly pinning  room inspiration. Below is the look we are going for in our sitting room.

When searching the internet for art pieces and prints; I came across the company, Minted. I noticed their new collection, Save the date; offering 15% off all invitation and save the date cards by January 12th. Their cards are absolutely adorable but I was pleased to see how many options of artwork there is as well.

Which one would you choose?

Be Kind,