Phoenix Fashion Week: Style Inspiration


Last night I started to really focus on what I was going to wear these next 4 nights. It’s always a little overwhelming to look at my closet. In my opinion, I either have too many options or not enough. I read the “How to dress” post by Jenny McCoy of the Phoenix Fashion Week blog. “However, over dressing and under dressing are equally as bad. Stylist Candace Carter advises, “some people want to be extremely extravagant, but it is best to dress ‘in the middle.’” If you overdress, it might take away from the designer’s clothes and can be disrespectful. If you under dress, you will give off the impression that you don’t care, also seeming rude.” I stopped reading right there. I knew I wouldn’t be the one to underdress, but then you have to worry about potentially looking better than the designer’s clothes? It made me second guess a couple options. Then I decided, I’m going with originals and dressing 100% how I would. That’s what fashion is all about anyway, right?

I always get my inspiration from trendy bloggers and fashion icons. See below for some go-to looks that are helping me style myself for this event.


A sneak peek of the decision making process:

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