It’s that time of year when most women contemplate a new look. I don’t know what it is about the fall/winter season but right when the leaves start to change color we grab our pumpkin spice latte and head straight to the salon with an urge to chop a bob or darken our locks. I’d love to meet the person who started this trend way of life. I am going to go with a wild guess that it was someone in the hairdressing/salon industry.
It was my senior year going in college when I did the unspeakable. I chopped my outrageously long hair for a desired Victoria Beckham inverted bob. Not only did I not get the Victoria Beckham bob, but I was left with a year long of regret. Note to self: never get a bob with awkward side bangs and chubby beer cheeks. After that experience, I swore to never cut my hair short again. And then I went Goth. It’s going on year 5 of sticking with the long hair and now…(gasp) I’m ready for a change. I’m totally fine with it because not only has my chubby cheeks gone down (thank you clean eating) but I’m no longer a person who gets shocked at the sight of a trim at the hair salon. Check out the before and after photos below! I even wore the same sweater (unfortunately, not on purpose).

Please note lack of inverted bob + beer

BEFORE                                    AFTER
Yay or nay?