Juice Cleanse: Day 2

Well, I suppose based off of my first review you can guess how day 2 went… 

That’s right. I stopped juicing by noon. 

I must have dreamt about food because I woke up starving. I walked Lucy with my husband, and had a few sips of black coffee followed by a large homemade juice:

Kale (the rest of what I had which was like 2 stems worth)
Spinach (half bag)
Cucumber (1/4)
Ginger (thumbful)
2 apples
3 small clementines 3 large carrots 1 limeHandful of parsley

I had every intention of continuing my juice journey, without exercise of course. I am typically a very stubborn person when it comes to doing something like this… so I thought I would tough it out for the next day and 1/2… but my mind and body agreed that it was time to stop. I enhaled lunch, a gluten free wrap with sweet potato hash from my favorite lunch spot in Scottsdale, yet continued to feel awkwardly hungry the entire day. I could have eaten anything and everything in sight. Super healthy huh? This juice cleanse may have back fired.

As a conclusion, I now have the knowledge talk first hand about a juice cleanse when people ask. I tried it, wasn’t for me and I will continue to vowch for living a balanced healthy lifestyle. I feel the outcome is better and makes you feel consistent. Although I am not going to lie, I did love how my abs were looking by the end of the day/next morning. I do recommend a cleanse to people who do not live a healthy lifestyle; to help appreciate the whole foods and understand the importance of what your body really needs/craves. But the best advise I can give, listen to your body.