I’m back.

Oh- my word! It has been for-ev-er since I last wrote. I promise I have a good excuse.
The end of last month was kind of a blur. Packing the entire two bedroom (OK, 1 bedroom + 1 transformed large closet) by myself was a task in itself. I felt so guilty and overwhelmed doing anything but pack that I managed to go two weeks without stepping foot in a gym {surprise face}. Not a good look. JJ flew into San Francisco on Thursday, and we U-Hauled our entire life down to Phoenix, AZ that weekend. Not to mention trailing our beloved Mazda 3 behind our U-Haul. Two hours in, flat tire on the trailer. Arrive on Saturday morning to Phoenix in record breaking 120 degrees with… no movers to help unload. After hours of unpacking our own large furniture and belongings, we realize that our A/C unit does not work. Solid move.
After sweating out a week and 1/2 and working with no internet access… my time was strictly devoted to finding a new position. Now… we are finally settled, have A/C, Lucy is starting to realize that Arizona is home and I just joined a new company this week. So… back to home-cooked meals and blog posts! I’d love to hear from anyone that reads these… are you out there?… what type of posts are you most interested in reading? Chobani sent me a large family size supply of greek yogurt last week to test and write about their brand and flavors. I’ve been working on those without no complaint. Review coming soon….