Eating Clean: The Food I Miss.

1. Pizza. I’d like to meet someone who doesn’t love pizza. After a long day during the week, pizza is always an easy option to pop in the oven and spend the rest of your evening relaxed on the couch. Grabbing a slice at lunch is so convenient isn’t it? I still eat my pizza, but in a much healthier form.
Meet Zucchini Pizza Boats and Cauliflower Pizza.
2. Large bucket of red vines. What’s a large bucket? Oh, just a casual 4 pound bucket.. no big deal. Yes… I will admit, happily, that without hesitation I have purchased buckets {yes, multiple times}of red vines for my home enjoyment. I miss them and I blame my husband. I now eat coconut protein balls to calm my sweet tooth cravings.
3. Crunchy baguettes. It is always so sad when the bread basket rolls around during dinner dates. Now, some delicious bread here and there doesn’t hurt anyone.. especially since you probably decided to make this cheat meal Italian anyway. So go for a little bread. But an innocent cheat meal did not stem from casual dining. My husband and I would often devour an entire loaf of bread before dinner.
Yes, before… not for. You read correctly.
Now, my bread of choice is Ezekiel

{yup… this guy}

 4. Mint chocolate chip ice cream, the green kind. Enough said. I now make faux ice cream weekly, if not daily.

5. Pasta with cream sauce. For those of you who have read my previous dinner posts {before the clean lifestyle} may know how often I would create cream sauces for our pasta nights. A weekly craving now turned cheat meal, I have learned to live without. I now opt for quinoa pasta with homemade sauce or spaghetti squash for Italian nights.

Alright, so now I’m hungry and reminding myself of how unhealthy I used to be. A main reason I chose to change my eating habits is because I would often not feel well. And you wonder why…

So, now.. here are 5 reminders of why these 5 unhealthy foods “that I miss” are no longer in my meal plan:

1. I no longer bloat. That was one of my main reasons why I decided to research and start eating clean. I couldn’t stand feeling bloated after meals.
2. I have a lot more energy. Waking up feeling naturally refreshed, enjoying hobbies, and getting in some gym time without hesitation after a days work.
3. I am probably the happiest I have ever been. Life just feels so much better in every way. I chose to be the best me possible, all around. Also does wonders for hair, nails, and skin. 😉
4. Eating clean is a natural remedy for colds. With the consistent weather change, I have not gotten sick.
5. I never feel the need to do “cleanses” or diets to feel better about myself. Eating clean is a natural cleanse in itself and your body has no toxins going in.

*Some people may say, “eating clean is expensive.”  I personally do not find it to be an issue, but there are many ways to eat clean on a budget. Tips here.
Think about it. You are investing in your health, life, children’s lives and all around well-being. Decide if providing the best foods is more important than a brand new television.

Can you find me a good reason NOT to eat clean?