Introducing Total Divas

One of the first conversations JJ and I had when we first met in San Diego was about how close we were with our families. During that conversation he had nonchalantly mentioned that his twin sisters are WWE wrestlers. uh.. excuse me? “Like, are they really muscular?” I asked. Now, I had never watched wrestling. OK, I’ll admit… I had flipped through it in middle school to see what all the commotion was about. But since then it was foreign to me and I naively thought all the female wrestlers probably resembled something like Chyna. “No way, they are fit and beautiful women.” He eased my mind with a photo which left me blown away; and as you can imagine, pretty intimidated. 
After finally meeting both of them and spending 4.5 years at family events and being apart of each others lives, I can happily say that I am so grateful to call them family. With two very different personalities; these two women are not only beautiful but extremely hard working, genuine, giving, supportive and so talented. 
 I am so excited to spread the word about Nicole and Brianna’s upcoming reality show beginning July 28th on E! The show will be one hour long airing on Sunday’s featuring The Bella Twins, The Funkdactyls, Natyla and two new WWE Divas. You can expect to see behind the scene moments in WWE, the divas on the road, and a glimpse in their personal lives and relationships.
I am SO excited!! Is it July yet??

Here is a sneak peak….