Quest Protein Bar Giveaway + Product Review

Good morning friends and followers! I have an amazing product to review with you today. 
For some of you, this is no introduction. Although these bars are not available at your local grocery store, the QuestBar is no new product to the fitness world and has been rapidly gaining its popularity.
As for the rest of you, you’re welcome.

Meet QuestBar by Quest Nutrition.

 These bars taste better than any other protein bar I have ever tried. In addition to their amazing taste; these bars are made with all-natural ingredients. What is better than being able to read and understand exactly what you put in your body? Quest Nutrition also breaks down each ingredient on their website for a more thorough understanding. 
The brand with so many different flavors, you will never get bored! Don’t care for chocolate? {who are you?}  No problem! Choose an option like lemon cream pie or banana nut muffin. I guarantee you will find the your perfect flavor.

What are the positive benefits of the QuestBar?
Gluten- Free
Only 4-6g of Non-fiber carbs
They all have 20 grams of protein
A protein bar that is real, healthy food
More than enough delicious flavor options to choose from
These bars will help you achieve your health and fitness goals
What does a QuestBar not have?
No Sugar Alcohols
No junk ingredients
No Artificial Sweeteners
No Soy Protein 
No Sugar Used
No Glycerin 
Like clean eating, I was first introduced to quest bars through the fitness gurus on Instagram. Whether it be used as a snack, before/after a work out or additive to their dessert creations; they are constantly popping up on my news-feed as the only protein bar of choice. I had to get my hands on one. After my first purchase, which I recall being coconut cashew, I was hooked!
 With constant tweets and raving on my end about the nutrition bars; Quest Nutrition agreed to send over a sample box of 12 protein bars, 2 packages of the new guilt-free treat called Quest Cravings: peanut butter cups, and two additional bars for a review on my blog. Thank you Quest Nutrition for sending over an additional chocolate chip cookie dough my way… you know how I feel about those.
Now, let’s get to the review. 
{Opinions are 100% my own}.

Lemon Cream Pie

Review: 3 Stars. This bar exudes a lemon, citrus smell. Almost too much lemony for my nose and reminds me of a lemon drop candy. It was also a lot more dry than most of the other bars and on the harder side to chew.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 

Review: 5 Stars. Alright, so I am a little biased with this one. I love love love this bar. I was talking it up so much that I think my husband and mother felt a little discouraged when they actually tried it. They did not feel it tasted like cookie dough. I personally LOVE this one. The bar is creamy, smooth, and deliciously chewy. It does have more of a chocolate taste rather than cookie dough but did I mention that it has chunks of chocolate? Perfection.

 Chocolate Peanut Butter

Review: 4.5 stars. This bar smells amazing and fits the name perfectly: chocolate and peanut butter. Smells more like peanut butter and tastes more like chocolate. Your mind tricks you to believe that you are about to bite into an unhealthy candy bar by that great smell… a tootsie roll actually came to mind while eating it. Reality check: its a quest bar! The texture is somewhat like a brownie: soft and chewy. Add this baby to the microwave for 15 minutes for an even more soft delicious dessert.

Peanut Butter Cups

Review: 3 Stars. I was so excited to try these! I make my own clean peanut butter cups at home and was looking forward to loving these. The chocolate surrounding the “peanut butter” was pretty tasty, creamy and chocolatey. But the peanut butter part of this treat was a disappointment. It was a powdered dry texture with a strange after taste. Not what you would expect, especially looking at that wrapper photo. Can I have that?

Banana Nut Muffin

Review: 4.5 Stars. Another bar that tastes and smells exactly like the name. Banana Nut Muffin is what you get. Don’t feel guilty purchasing a banana nut bread packing in 490 calories from your local Starbucks or that unhealthy muffin at your favorite breakfast spot. This bar is only 170 calories with 5g of active carbs coming from the nuts, not sugar. A healthier solution to your on the go breakfast or snack! The banana really sticks out in this one and the bits of nuts make the bar really enjoyable.

Chocolate Brownie

Review: 4 stars. This very chocolatey bar will calm down any chocolate craving. Add this to the microwave for 15 minutes and you will no doubt feel like you are biting into an actual brownie. A warm, chewy and chocolatey treat.

Cinnamon Roll

Review: 3.5 stars. Another great breakfast/on the go option for you. It tastes very similar to a cinnamon roll. Although this was one of the harder bars to chew. Still very enjoyable.

Peanut Butter Supreme

Review: 3.5 stars. Very peanut buttery, chewy, and delicious. The bits of peanuts were also a great addition to this experience. I liked this bar a lot.

Apple Pie 

Review: 4 stars. This bar was slightly confusing at first. It has a delicious apple fragrance and the taste is very flavorful. At first bite, I thought this would be an extremely dry bar. Yet, it actually was very easy to eat and was enjoyable. My mother was a big fan. (I cut in half for her- sharing is caring.)

Peanut Butter and Jelly

Review: 4 stars. I was pretty excited to try this one. Who doesn’t love pb&j? No, really… who are you? This bar brought me back to 1st grade; where we often would get these small cut off crust pb&j sandwiches as a snack. I would never be able to figure out exactly what jelly they used now, but the sandwich smelled exactly like this bar if I could remember correctly. It definitely smells like the famous sandwich, and the bits of peanuts/almonds inside were a delicious additive. One of the few bars that are a little bit more dry/chewier than the others but you forget about it half way through.

Vanilla Almond Crunch

Review: 2.5 stars. The fragrance of this bar is more vanilla than anything. It was tasty was on the dry side. This was not one of my favorite bars.

Coconut Cashew

Review: 4.5 Stars. Ever since eating clean I have found a new love for coconut. Give this to me a couple of years ago and I probably would have passed just because of the fragrance. Educating myself on the health benefits of coconut and testing out different recipes has made me use coconut quite often. The bar has a strong coconut odor, is easy to chew, and has chunks of coconut that really stand out. A flavorful, delicious bar.

Mixed Berry Bliss

Review: 4 stars. I don’t typically opt for fruit protein bars. If I am going to have one I typically would choose something more related to a “cheat meal” aka chocolate. I really enjoyed this bar a lot. It was very soft, chewy and easy to eat. The nuts and pieces of dried fruit are a great touch. 

Strawberry Cheesecake

Review: 4.5 stars. I guess you are wondering where my pretty photo is? Well, you can see that I clearly have no self control. I simply could not contain myself and had to choose a bar when I first received the box. Strawberry Cheesecake was my first victim and it received 4.5 stars in my opinion. This bar had a creamy texture, no strange after taste, very fruity, juicy, and little bits of real strawberries inside. This bar had a very potent fruit smell that reminded me of eating a fruit snack.
Where can I purchase Questbars?
Questbars can be found at your local GNC/Vitamin Shoppe or sold online. You may purchase by the bar or even by the bulk. Check for the closest location in your area on their website.
So, what are you waiting for? take my word for it and test them out for yourself!


Quest Nutrition is giving TWO Whatlolalikes followers a box of quest protein bars! You can have the choice to win a sample pack of questbars or a box of chocolate chip cookie dough from Quest Nutrition.
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