FIVE things


1. This website that helps you see the good in bad situations. God bless those of you who had given a hand in helping those in need during the Boston Marathon tragedy on Monday, April 15th; and for those of you who are still helping. 

2. Had the most productive weekend of my life which made me feel better than ever. Running 9 miles on Saturday, drinking wine and catching up with a friend, successfully exchanging expensive items with no receipts, getting back into a spin class, a purchase of an upgraded food processor, taking Lucy to the dog park, and spending 8 hours spring cleaning the entire apartment on Sunday. A great feeling of accomplishment! Now if only I had ONE extra day for lounging 🙂

3. Receiving messages like this makes me smile, and the realization that there are people who DO check out this blog! {support your peers!}

4. Wondering why today was the first time I had tried Yogorino Italy in San Francisco. I’ve constantly seen people walking around with the signature blue cup filled with what appeared to be ice cream; and today my curiosity came to a holt when my co-worker and I felt we deserved a treat. Truthfully… I’m sad the experience is over.  I chose their plain organic frozen yogurt topped with nutella and slivered almonds.  A sweet yet slightly tart flavor combined in a creamy texture that was heavenly and not to mention… a healthier option than most ice cream/frozen yogurt places. Research has found that “there are 131 calories per six-ounce serving, 1.8 grams of fat, and 21 grams of total carbs. We were told that there isn’t any added sugar, and that the sweetness you taste comes from the lactose, natural sugar found in milk.” Everyone needs a good treat here and there! I definitely recommend this spot!

5. My excitement for this lady’s arrival in San Francisco on Saturday! Party on Wayne.