Spring To-Do List 2013

It has officially been one year since I started making these to-do lists for myself per season. I began last Spring and for the most part have completed all 10 items I wanted or could do.
Below are my next set of 11 (10 new)… can you believe some of these items on my list? You read correctly, I have never been on a cable car for the past 2 years I have been living in San Francisco. Unacceptable. Putting this on my list will get me to actually do it 🙂

1. Scrapbook wedding (a roll over from Fall)
2. Take a ride on the cable car
3. Go to swan oyster in nob hill
4. Go to twin peaks
5. Have a drink at Top of the Mark 
6. Take a new exercise class
7. Do another half marathon 
8. Hike to Tourist Club – German beer house
9. Ride a bike over the Golden Gate Bridge
10. Take a day trip someplace new
11. Visit The Castro
Do you make small to-do lists for yourself? 
Making them public will help hold yourself accountable 🙂