Embracing My Best Self.

The month of January, excluding 3 days in San Diego; I had been strict on eating clean. Although it has been  a lifestyle change, I have been educating myself and going strong. What makes the process difficult is cooking for two when my other half is not partaking in my health plan as well as finding different ways to feed my cravings for sweets. My inspiration and motivation has been from believe it or not…#Instagram followers. I began following multiple people who are constantly exercising and illustrating their clean habits on a daily basis. It has kept me excited and motivated throughout each day to continue this journey. I did not start this lifestyle to lose weight, but to maintain, tone and detox. Naturally, you will lose weight. I began at 118-120 pounds give or take, and I weigh 114 now. I have leaned out and feel a lot more proportioned. 2012 was the first year that I maintained a healthy routine with consistent exercise. What helped me kick it off? Signing up for my first 10k race. After the race was over, I encouraged myself to go the distance and run a half marathon. Running has now become a natural routine for me, running at least 3-4 times a week.
As 2013 was approaching, I noticed more and more posts about eating clean. I started to research the meaning and process, giving me the conclusion that you can not fully reach your extra toned fit self without it. I took December to begin purchasing staple foods and slowly adding more clean basics to my pantry. This is by no means a cheap way of living. Before clean eating, I would shop at the market pretty regularly as it is; that being said, I have not noticed the difference in grocery expenses. But for people who do not usually grocery shop on a weekly or sometimes daily basis for fresh produce and ingredients, this could be an expensive change.
While clean eating, it is most important to plan out your meals. I give myself time in the morning to prep my lunch and snacks throughout the day but for those of you with little time in the morning, it is best to prep during the weekends for the entire week!
Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

The Eat-Clean diet focuses on eating fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins from a variety of sources, including soy products, and eating every two to three hours. The Eat-Clean diet avoids over-processed foods, foods with chemicals and preservatives, white flour, and white and artificial sugar.”

I can truthfully say that I have been my healthiest and happiest self since eating clean. Due to this positive change, I have decided to adopt it in my everyday life, and not just for the month of January. Although I have to say, I am less restrictive if there is something I want (insert girl scout cookie).

 Alcohol is also a big factor in clean eating. It just so happens that I had already planned to take alcohol out of the month of January. Other than enjoying a family weekend wedding in the middle of the month, I had been completely sober. Taking a long break from alcohol helps you loose cravings. I do love my wine- but I have learned to drink more in moderation than feeling the need for it after a long day of work.
With eating clean, pairs with an exercise plan.
This has been mine:

Weekly exercise routine
Monday- Run anywhere between 3-5 miles
Tuesday- Zumba class after work
Wednesday- Crossfit after work
Thursday- Run anywhere between 4-5 miles
Friday- Crossfit or rest for the evening
Saturday- At least 6 miles or rest
Sunday- If did not do long run on Saturday, do it today or short run, yoga, or rest
(or rest – I decide based on weekend festivities which day or two I take off, and sometimes… none)

My long term goals this year are to continue my healthy routine and run more races. I also love to plan short term goals or to do lists per season to keep me motivated and honest.
Update for Fall/Winter To-Do List
1. Do a Half Marathon October 2012
2. Do a cleanse Clean Eating, Jan 1-Jan 31
3. Take a random day trip someplace I have never been
4. Attempt to learn another language
5. Scrapbook wedding festivities
6. Learn Lightroom/Photoshop
7. Horseback riding with JJ
8. Switch from coffee to tea
9. Take an art class

10. Take a random class/groupon 

Continue to follow me on my healthy journey, where I will be posting healthy choice and clean eating recipes. I will not be posting photos of myself because I find that personally awkward.
Message me with any questions!