Ringing in the New Year

New Years Eve, a highly anticipated; yet more than likely disappointing evening out with friends or lovers to celebrate the new year. Why disappointing? Because you probably purchased a new outfit, rallied up your friends to attend an expensive open bar event .. and in return something goes wrong. 
Something always goes wrong. 
Therefore, this year, I am going in with no expectations.
I am determining whether or not I want to purchase a new dress this year. I have a tendency of purchasing dresses that I will wear for this one occasion, so I’d rather not for the sake of closet room. 
How do you choose your New Years Eve dress?
Traditional? Black? Color? Sparkles?

I like to think of New Years Eve in an old-fashioned way. Which is why I tend to search for more of a vintage and conservative style. My rule is to show one sexy body part (legs, back, chest).. not all of each. It makes the look so much sexier to men.
Check out some of my New Years Eve style likes below: