Interview with Daniel Redman of BuyUglySweaters.com

Hey friends! Check out the interview I did last week with Founder, Daniel Redman of BuyUglySweaters.com. Don’t forget to pick out your favorite ugly sweater for your upcoming holiday party at his store! The best one of a kind knits around!
As the old-timey song states in plain English, ‘Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets’.  I had a chance to collect some ugly fashion thoughts with THEE Lola.  Maybe just reincarnate, but nevertheless, this blogger, Lola, is a tidy keeper of all things domestic.  Her mastery of preparing dainty party tidings and dressing her hubby up in the finest hipster-approved threads are swelling beyond her years.
This modern day Martha will teach you how to infuse some ‘ack right’ in your Ugly Sweater parties.  Enjoy!
buyuglysweaters: How/if at all do you think ironic fashion (ugly sweaters, tight-bright, silly 80′s) has influenced high fashion?  Why?
Lola: Fashion is all about making a statement. Both designers and everyday people aim to demonstrate personality through style. Nowadays, ironic fashion can be seen all over the streets as an everyday trend, on stylish people we like to refer to as ‘Hipsters’. High end fashion particularly used on runways, often use ironic fashion to stand apart from one another in a dramatic way to illustrate talent. It is a unique way for the designers to be remembered by the buyers and consumers. Although I do not often use ironic fashion in my everyday life, I love to see other people getting fashion creative.
buyuglysweaters: When you rock an ugly sweater, do you think everything else you wear with it should be ugly or are you a purist?
Lola: Personally, I like to keep it simple. I do love seeing people go all out yet I prefer to keep the main focus on the sweater. I even attempted to make an ugly sweater last year look more fashionable. Who would do such a thing? ;)
buyuglysweaters: We’ve found that the most popular ugly sweaters are the ones with Christmas iconography on them (Santa, Reindeer, Xmas Trees, etc.).  What things would you like to see on an ugly sweater that would make a big statement?
Lola: Commonly seen as props in photos and on coffee mugs, mustaches would be a funny and trendy subject to see on an ugly sweater. For whatever reason, mustaches have sparked people’s attention and interest these last few years and I believe would be popular in the world of ugly sweaters. Other than that, I am sold on anything vintage. :)
buyuglysweaters: You’ve been following the fashion industry for quite a while; in your opinion, are ugly sweaters a fad or forever? Why?
Lola: I believe ugly sweaters are staying around for the long haul. Although they may not change in style, they have become a tradition for most during the holidays. Whether it be at your neighbor’s Christmas party or a holiday work event, people are always happy to see them. I do not believe everyone has had the last laugh quite yet.
buyuglysweaters: In your blog you have a lot of cool tips for entertaining guests, both food and drink.  How would you throw a really kick ass ugly sweater party?  What could guests expect to drink-eat-and be entertained by?
Lola: My husband and I threw an ugly sweater Christmas party last year at our apartment in San Francisco.  We played drinking games and enjoyed the evening listening to old Christmas tunes. I served a snowman cheese ball, caprese salad appetizer, buffalo chicken wing dip, cheese and crackers and ordered these adorable ugly sweater Christmas cookies from Etsy.
We had beer and a signature eggnog cocktail for the guests to drink. More options for entertaining could be creating Christmas games or setting up a photo booth with someone dressed up as Santa.
Need some friendly advice for your shindig or just want to see what Lola is working on next?  
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