To Be or Not To Be…Facebook Appropriate


 A website used to communicate with (a person) or search for information about (a person). Facebook, is also known as a perpetual, modern day, high school reunion from Hell. 

Although a great tool to stay connected with family, friends and people you do not often get to see, do people take it too far? How much information is too much to share with others who 80% you may refer to as an acquaintance. Everyone is guilty of it. I for one, used to get home from the bars in college and upload every picture of the evening. What was I thinking?! Not only was I nonchalantly embarrassing my friends, I was embarrassing myself. I apologize to those of you who have been affected along the way.
A couple years later, I went through each album to delete the unattractive and unprofessional photos and at one point deleted an entire album without saving a single photo. You were allowed 200 photos in an album, which clearly concludes… an over-share. I now like to use Facebook to stay in touch, tag a location, and post some photos and my blog posts. I also tend to keep my comments to twitter and photos to instagram. 😉 Yes, I will admit, I am crazy for social-networking.
Another main point is standing out in a positive way. Write a status that will start a conversation, not an argument. Like I said before, everyone is guilty of complaining about the same everyday issues, but do these “friends” need to know about every dirty detail of the drama going on in your life? No. The answer is no. You are most likely gaining “un-subscriptions” from your Facebook posts. I only see this issue getting worse as the younger generation joins the website. I specifically remember standing on the bus on my way to work, reading through my news feed and being unable to identify one positive status. It was starting to put a cloud over my morning commute. I was tired of seeing the same baby daddy drama and poor me posts. A purge was crucial. Deleting and unsubscribing to a number of people made such a positive difference in my news-feed and mood. It is amazing how good you feel when you only try to surround yourself with positive people.
Therefore, don’t be that person people want to delete.
I have made a list regarding my opinion on what is Facebook appropriate.
Do promote a healthy lifestyle
Do share compliments to one another
Do share your relationship status, someone may be curious
Do post a funny video to share, who doesn’t love a good video to laugh at?
Do post new recipes you love
Do share connections and meet new people
Do get in touch with your long lost kindergarten buddy
Do keep your friends visually happy with photos of trips you take and parties you attend.
Do let people know where you are, but in moderation: disregard the grocery store and the doctor’s office.
Do promote yourself. (photography, blog, company, etc.) 


Don’t include daily self photos, your making it awkward for everyone. Sure, I’ll check out your new haircut. But once a month is all I need.
Don’t post your tweets. Leave it on twitter, I’ll see it there.
PLEASE don’t post your newborn babies private parts, it’s just mean.
Don’t upload every photo you took Saturday night. Believe me, you will regret it next year.
Don’t discuss the fact that your boyfriend isn’t paying his child support, … just don’t.
Don’t mention the fact that you may be getting your test results back today, its an over-share.
Don’t write a passive aggressive status. Talk to the only person who may know what exactly you are referring to. I certainly don’t know why you are “so over it” today.
Don’t discuss politics. An opinion is not an easy thing to argue, so keep them to yourself.

What do you think? Are any of these Do’s or Don’ts questionable??

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