“Clothes make a statement. Costumes tell a story.” -Mason Cooley

Happy October!
Halloween is vastly approaching, which means it is almost time to bust out your masterpiece of the year. You have the opportunity to dress up anyway you’d like, with fear of looking like the next person at the bar, so you attempt to go the unique route. Or like others, you quickly choose the sexy cop outfit because you’re 
more interested in wearing less clothing than thinking too hard about it. The choice is yours.
In 4th grade, my friend Julia and I dressed up as Siamese twins. But not just any twins… old ladies wearing hair curlers and freckles, or were they supposed to be chicken pox??… regardless, a winner! Poor Julia had to deal with my constant need to tickle her throughout the evening while we were trick or treating. It resulted in us face planting in dirt and losing half our candy in darkness.

The first year JJ and I met, I dressed as a 50’s pin up girl aka “Marilyn Manson’s girlfriend”. I was so excited for this look that I spent the money to get my hair and makeup done for the night out in San Diego.

My all time favorite to date has to be 3 years ago when JJ and I dressed as Edie Sedgwick and Andy Warhol. I had a little obsession with Edie at the time, so it fit. If you have no or a little idea of who Edie Sedgwick is, rent Factory Girl immediately, you will love this movie. Funny thing is, it was actually JJ’s idea to dress up as them that year.

Now, the question is… will you dress the part or barely dress?