San Diego and Catalina Island

Monday has been rough. I took a week off from work to travel to San Diego and Catalina Island to celebrate my mother in-law and Nana’s 80th birthday!
JJ and I got in on Saturday morning, to hop into a limo and head to La Costa Resort in Carlsbad, CA with some family to celebrate JJ’s mom’s birthday. We spent the day at the resort enjoying the sun, cocktails, and plenty of good company! After our return, JJ and I trooped through the evening gallivanting around Pacific Beach cause the night was young and there were plenty of people watching to do. Oh, how it we have changed.
The next couple of days were filled with cocktails, bike riding, good food, and exercise.  One of the main reasons I love training for a race is it keeps you honest and motivated to run, even when you are on vacation!
Tuesday morning, 29 family members set off to Catalina Island for a 4 night stay at The Avalon Hotel. Catalina is gorgeous and probably one of my favorite vacation destinations to this day.  The view and small town feel makes believe you are in a different country. The weather is perfect, the locals ride around in golf carts, and the houses on the mountain gives you the Italian feel of visiting Europe.
JJ and I took advantage of our mornings by running on the water and enjoying a daily continental breakfast at the hotel. 
“Remember the feeling you get from a good run is far better than the feeling you get from sitting around wishing you were running.”
-Sarah Condor  
Each early morning to afternoon we either had personal down time for beach and lunch or adventures that Nana and Aunt Toni Anne had planned for the group. The whole family did an island scavenger hunt the first day, which I am sad to say, we did not win. Go Sexy Scavengers! The name seems appropriate for a family event, you don’t think? 😉 Wednesday, we had our annual family fantasy draft! Thursday, we did zip lining which was so much fun! A piece of cake if you ask the person who recently jumped out of a plane. Beautiful sights and we met a very nice couple traveling around California from Scotland. Friday morning a few of us took a tour of the island, which ended up being more like an off-roading, cliff driving tour. Poor Nana and Uncle Mike! Beautiful views of the island but was definitely scary for the people who have a fear of heights. I loved it!
Our evenings were filled with cocktail hour and dinner at a different restaurant each night. A fire pit, karaoke, and a two late nights of dancing at Chi Chi Club with the cousins added to the fun memories made throughout the week! Yes, I was forced to sing 4 non blondes, and YES I was nervous. Thank you Andrew!
What a week! I finally got some color on my face and was able to experience a destination with some amazing family!
So blessed!!
… now back to reality and the official countdown begins until Europe a year from now. 


Mom’s dress and grandma’s belt #vintage