Fall/Winter To-Do List

 Happy Friday and long weekend to everyone!!
 I am taking next week off to travel to San Diego and Catalina Island to celebrate my mother in-law and Nana’s birthday with the WHOLE family. Very excited!!
I have updated my summer bucket list and created a list for Fall/Winter! I have a meeting on September 22nd at the Contra Costa Humane Society. Nothing makes me happier than being able to help animals like Lucy.
My boss told me I am not allowed to use the term, “bucket list” while referring to the fact that I want to take a cooking class…. but that my marathons and skydiving are okay. :p {pout}{pout}
Below is an update of my summer to-do list followed by my new one 🙂

Summer To-Do List

1. Train and run a marathon… (10k) 

2. Skydive and/or ride in a hot air balloon.
3. During a weekday morning, get up extra early to bring Lucy to this dog friendly coffee shop.
4. Sign up for bikram yoga and spin classes.
5. Join a nonprofit/volunteer to help others. Meeting on September 22nd! 🙂
6. Take a cooking class. 
7. Try a new recipe on a weekly basis. 
8. Purchase a new camera and rekindle my love for photography. 
9. Host a brunch &/or movie night. In the works
10. Partake in something my husband loves to do.

 Fall/Winter To-Do List
1. Do a Half Marathon
2. Do a cleanse
3. Take a random day trip someplace I have never been
4. Attempt to learn another language for next year’s Europe trip (Spanish/French)
5. Scrapbook wedding festivities
6. Learn Lightroom/Photoshop
7. Horseback ride with JJ
8. Switch from coffee to tea
9. Purchase a bike
10. Take a random class/groupon

Love these lists. They keep me so motivated and honest as I am making them public.
What is #1 if you had a list??