Skydiving Sacramento

As part of my birthday present, JJ and a small group of friends purchased vouchers to skydive in Sacramento. I could not contain my excitement when JJ told me the news. Skydiving has been something I have been wanting to do for a while now. I was more nervous on our 2 hour drive there and waiting a few hours before even being harnessed then the initial flight and jump. I was in such a happy, strange state of mind, that I kept forgetting what was really happening. The moment where you are falling from the sky is very surreal. I felt like I was on a ride at Six Flags and under me was fake scenery, not the fact that I actually jumped out of an airplane. So happy I did it, and an item to cross off the bucket list. Check out some of our photos from the trip, along with JJ’s video. Sadly, my video had technical difficulties.

 1. Train and run a marathon… (10k) 
2. Skydive and/or ride in a hot air balloon. 
3. During a weekday morning, get up extra early to bring Lucy to this dog friendly coffee shop.
4. Sign up for Bikram yoga and spin classes.
5. Volunteer
6. Take a cooking class. 
7. Try a new recipe on a weekly basis. 
8. Purchase a new camera and rekindle my love for photography.
9. Host a brunch &/or movie night.
10. Partake in something my husband loves to do.

….Almost time for a Fall to-do list!