Tips from Lola

These may be old news to some of you intermediate to professional chefs ;), but below are a few tips that I have learned to live by while practicing in the kitchen. These could be helpful to people who are learning to cook, like me. 

1. I always add salt and pepper to everything I cook. Whether it be meat or while sauteing vegetables, it really helps bring out the flavors.
2. Zesting a lemon {How to zest a lemon}into your ingredients will bring out the flavors of your dish, especially dishes that involve lemon flavoring.
3. Olive Oil is a priority in my kitchen. I use it primarily to saute and substitute for butter as a healthier choice.
4. Something I recently learned while watching the Food Network is the best way to cook a Burger. People tend to flip a burger too soon and too many times. A burger should be cooked fully on one side before flipping to make the perfect burger. So flip that burger ONCE. You will get a more even center and better flavor development this way.
5. For Italiano nights, adding one more step in your routine may be the last thing you want to do, especially if you are keeping it simple. But this step is definitely worth your time. When you are finished cooking the pasta al dente,  drain the excess water and add the noodles to your skillet to cook with the sauce before serving.  It gives the pasta time to absorb the flavors and sauce.

 6. A new trick I learned from a cooking class I took in San Francisco is the best way to cut herbs. Stack the herbs (example basil or mint) on top of one another, roll them up and cut by using the back end of the knife (mezzaluna knives work well too I hear because of the round blade). See picture below.
Cutting Herbs 3
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