My night with Aerosmith

Last night was a huge highlight in my life. If anyone knows me well, they know how much I love Aerosmith. Especially old school Aerosmith. The crazy, cryin’ Alicia Silverstone Aerosmith. I was obsessed with those videos and argued with my sister on numerous occasions on who mimicked her or Liv Tyler better. For my sake, I was unaware of the storyline.
My husband sent me an e-mail only two weeks ago letting me know that Aerosmith is playing at the Oracle in Oakland. A must in our book. We happened to find two amazing floor seats on Craigslist that were better tickets than front row. Steven Tyler spent the majority of the concert at the end of the runway, rockin’ the stage like he hadn’t aged since 1978. 
Below are some pictures I took throughout the night. 
My life is now complete.