Summer bucket list update

1. Train and run a marathon… (10k) 
2. Skydive and/or ride in a hot air balloon. Reservations for skydiving 8/18
3. During a weekday morning, get up extra early to bring Lucy to this dog friendly coffee shop.
4. Sign up for bikram yoga and spin classes.
5. Join a nonprofit/volunteer to help others. Researching soup kitchens
6. Take a cooking class. 
7. Try a new recipe on a weekly basis. 
8. Purchase a new camera and rekindle my love for photography. Currently saving for a new lens
9. Host a brunch &/or movie night. In the works
10. Partake in something my husband loves to do.

As Fall is approaching, some of the items off my summer bucket list have turned into accomplishments. I have been writing down ideas of what I’d like to achieve starting Fall. I find this method useful and while making it public, it gives me an extra push! 
What is the best way you organize a bucket list?