Recipe options for cooking Toasted Egg Cups

As a follow up to my past post, here, I have been showing a decent amount of these toasted egg cups via instagram (@whatlolalikes) and have been asked how to make them and which recipes I use! 
It is honestly the most simple, hassle free breakfast to make before work or for a brunch party! You can make them with any ingredient you’d like… these are just a few that I have made recently. 
Using wheat toast, mexican shredded cheese, one egg each (key: add yolk plus a small amount of its white, using an entire large egg will be too much and overflow on the pan), chives, and bacon. The bacon was cooked almost fully but not crisp before adding to cup, before baking it all.
This cup I used wheat toast, mozzarella shredded cheese, one egg, chopped chives, garnished with a slice of avocado.
This recipe I used wheat toast, one egg each, salt and pepper to cook in oven on 350 degrees until egg is how you like it. In a skillet, I cooked the chopped red bell peppers and onion to add at the end garnished with chopped basil. 
Hope you enjoy! This really is an amazing Pinterest find that I will use often, if not daily!