We take Red, White, and Blue very Serious.

 JJ and I will find any excuse to dress up for a party or specific occasion. The 4th of July is his favorite holiday so you can only imagine how serious we take the costume preparation. Each year we have topped the previous on creativity and might I add… a more “classy” approach. {jokes, jokes}
This past weekend we moved out of the city to Walnut Creek, CA. Therefore, instead of raiding the bars and streets in our typical red, white and blue… we will save that for next year and enjoy a delicious BBQ by our new pool! 
Everyone stay safe for the holiday!
2009, San Diego
2010, New York City
2011, San Francisco
BBQ Inspiration
Burgers a la pizzaiola, here
 Patriotic Ice Cream Sandwiches, here
pop rocks rimmed cocktail glasses
 Pop Rocks Rimmed Cocktail, here
Strawberry Blueberry mini cheesecake trifle, here
Enjoy your holiday and day off!!