Staying in Touch

Last Sunday I called my grandfather to wish him a Happy Father’s Day. He took my phone number and address down as usual and said how happy he was to hear from me. He began talking about his health and the difference in weight since he married his second wife, Ruth. I encouraged him to attempt walking around more for exercise and discussed the 10k I ran the day before.
I love talking with people that have so much life experience and knowledge. They lived during a time that I only know from history books and movies.
A quick story he told me will stay with me forever. He was a swimmer as a young man, in the Olympics, and won 7th place out of many. He was invited to swim in Berlin but had to turn it down because his mother, my great-great grandmother, told him he was not allowed to go. Hitler was starting to take over during that time and it was far too dangerous to be there.
 You learn something new every day about the life your grandparents lived. Our elders are our greatest teachers and role models…listen, learn and treat them well.

My grandfather turns 95 this year.
Arlene and Walter Davies