Trend Alert: Reversed Ombre

As most of you, along with many celebrities and bloggers had fallen for last years hair trend, Ombre. It was a chic way to be able to say, “Oh, I forgot to touch up my roots.” 
I definitely thought about partaking in the trend, yet, quickly was turned off when everyone I walked past was wearing the familiar look.
Like most trends, they die and are soon forgotten… or put in the “what was I thinking” category 10 years from now. 
Time to book those hair appointments! 
Now, whats the fashion world to do? 
I am guessing you will start to see more models on the runway and the everyday person wearing the reverse ombre look, as seen at the Jen Kao show during New York Fashion Week 2012.
What do you think of the look? 
Would you consider exchanging your dark roots for dark ends?