I Make Lists for My Lists

This Sunday, while most of San Francisco was gallivanting at Bay to Breakers, I decided not to. Could have been the binge drinking, bathroom lines, or crowded space; but this year I had no desire to do it. Probably because of the recent exercise/health kick I’ve been on. For any of you reading that has no idea what Bay to Breakers is… it is a marathon. But for everyone else living or visiting San Francisco, it is a chance to dress up in theme with a group of friends and drink all the way through the race ending in Orange Beach.
Photo Credit: Justin Yee, and yes, I am friends with that guy.
So my Sunday consisted of, the start to Bikram Yoga, (which was intense and amazing all in one) reading in the park, taking a bubble bath, checking on my sleeping husband after Bay to Breakers, and enjoying a manicure and pedicure. Sounds like my kind of Sunday.
I am beginning to cross a few items off my “to-do list” for Summer. 

1. Train and run a marathon… 5k to start. Decided on a 10K, which I will need to sign up for soon because it is in June! My runner friend Meg (Running with Kings) has sent me a schedule to help train.
2. Skydive and/or ride in a hot air balloon.
3. During a weekday morning, get up extra early to bring Lucy to this dog friendly coffee shop.
4. Sign up for bikram yoga and spin classes.
5. Join a nonprofit/volunteer to help others.
6. Take a cooking class. Signing up for June with Kendra!
7. Try a new recipe on a weekly basis. This, I do.
8. Purchase a new camera and rekindle my love for photography.
9. Host a brunch & movie night.
10. Partake in something my husband loves to do.I can half cross this off since I did frisbee golf, maybe real golf for the full thing?

I figure if you do not make a list, it will be hard to remember and get done. I am the kind of person who makes lists for my lists. It really helps me get organized and remember the details.

Wish me luck on my first week of training…. !!