Sleep in Chic

A place I have always felt the most comfortable in is my bedroom. It was the one space in my home growing up that was mine to decorate however I wanted. Before deciding on pink walls, I covered every corner with a poster or picture with a friendly face or popular band. My mom hated the fact that she couldn’t tell me to take them down, although never hesitated to remind me to make my bed. All in all, my bedroom was my place to doodle, dance or do absolutely nothing; my safe place.
My husband has been really good about letting me decorate our apartment how I want, thankfully we share the same taste, other than the fact that if it were completely up to him our bed duvet cover would be the San Diego Chargers. ;D
Once again, Pinterest has given me the ability to pin multiple bedroom ideas for re-decorating our apartment or for a future home.
Below I have shared some of my bedroom inspiration.