Tiny Furniture

If you love the HBO series Girls, then the movie Tiny Furniture, both directed and starred in by Lena Dunham, is right up your alley. Using a few of the same actors from the show, this movie brings the same hilarious corkiness to the big screen (or straight to your television via On Demand). 22- year old Aura returns home from her Midwest liberal arts college to her artsy family’s Tribeca loft in New York with nothing to show but a film degree, 357 hits on her YouTube video and lack of direction. She takes a job as a hostess, rekindles a childhood friendship, and falls into relationships with two self-centered men while struggling to define herself. For some reason I really wish this movie was a series…. or it is very possible I just adore Lena Dunham and her imperfect self.
Tiny Furniture, a must-see.