Why didn’t I think of that? Part due

As a follow up to my first post, I have once again gathered more DIY and simple ideas from pinterest that made me go, “why didn’t I think of that??” I love finding these ideas because it helps you make small lifestyle changes to make your daily life so much easier… or just more convenient!
Hole in cutting board drawer under garbage for an easy clean up!
Put dustpan in sink for easier way to fill up a bucket

Use door shoe rack to hold cleaning supplies

Use erase board pen on washing machine to let the person know what should not be added to dryer

Cut Johnson baby lotion bottle to make iPhone carrier for charging
Easy way to organize cleaning supplies

Vintage rack for holding necklaces

Stick top of spray bottle  into lemon/lime

Easy organization idea

 Fuzzy wire added to hangers will give you your no slip hangers
 Flashlight attached to circuit box
 Cupcake liner to help the mess when eating a Popsicle
 knives on top of stove
 laundry basket used to organize ribbon
 small food storage bin used for car garbage can