Meeting Giada

If you have been to our house for dinner or often read this blog, you know how regularly I cook using Giada De Laurentiis’s recipes. I really love her style of cooking and she makes each meal look so easy. It really got me addicted to trying new recipes.
It also doesn’t hurt to not get any complaints from the husband department 🙂
Like the true fan I am, I pre-ordered her book and stood in line for an hour 1/2 to get a 10 second moment to meet Giada and have her sign my cook book. Crazy? Perhaps. I blame the shrimp herb cream pasta and prosciutto wrapped lamb burgers for my irrational decision on a Friday afternoon. Not to mention that I forgot to wear a jacket and was rockin’ my heels. All in all, a success and my new signed cook book is anxiously awaiting an ample amount of bookmarked pages.